APREC – Alliance Pour la Recherche En Cancérologie

Who are we ?

A team of researchers directly anchored in the field

APREC is located in a research building located in the very heart of the TENON hospital, which is a large Parisian university hospital where all the interdisciplinary skills merge and which is recognized as a “Referent Center in Cancerology” by the SROS (Schéma Régional d’Organisation Sanitaire – Regional Health Organization Plan) in the Paris region.

APREC’s mission is to promote and develop all forms of research against cancer

The “core” of APREC is made up of its researchers. APREC is not an organization that collects and redistributes funds. All donation collected go directly and entirely to the work of the researchers.

Researchers at APREC are both high-level scientists and renowned medical oncologists.  As a result, the research carried out at APREC can be most effectively conducted “from the molecule to the patient, and from the patient to the molecule”. Thus, patients can immediately benefit from the latest scientific advances

Total commitment to our mission, absolute respect for ethical rules and full transparency are the fundamental principles of our action.

A commitment of more than 30 years

Founded in 1989 by Victor Izrael (MD, PhD) and Nicole Bru (MD), APREC is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in the clinical oncology unit of Tenon Hospital in Paris, France (part of the french university hospital system),
and whose vocation is CANCER RESEARCH!

Members of APREC team arrountd Madam Roselyne BACHELOT, Minister of Health and Sports, at the inauguration of the research building on December 3, 2008

The APREC research building on the site of TENON hospital. It was built thanks to a subsidy granted to APREC by the Regional Council of Ile-de-France