Research to heal

Founded in 1989 by Victor Izrael (MD, PhD) and Nicole Bru (MD),
APREC is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in the clinical oncology unit of Tenon Hospital in Paris, France
(part of the french university hospital system), and whose vocation is CANCER RESEARCH!
APREC Equipe de chercheurs

Cancer is the public enemy n°1

Who has not been affected, either directly or through a loved-one, by the scourge that is cancer?
It strikes like lightning, without warning, devastating the life of the one it targets, and those of his or her relatives…

Cancer ennemi no1 fille avec son papa
Cancer hits without distinction men and women, adults and children.

In France, each year :
  • 382 000 new cases of cancer, with the number rising every year.
  • 157 0000 die from cancer.

Today we are able to cure up to 60% of cancers in adults and 80% of cancers in children. This of course represents a lot of progress compared to the recent past, but it is still not enough.